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Does your distro give you amnesia?

All of QED's products are built to the highest construction standards. The internal wiring is loomed and labeled to allow ease of maintenance and inspection. Only high quality components are used throughout. The format, design and layouts are based on years of touring and show experience, taking into account space and power demands. The construction and finish are designed to protect your investment during years of use in the demanding field of portable power distribution.

All QED distro's have the following features in common.

1. Built to conform to or exceed NEC, and UL 1640 portable power distribution standards.

2. All branch current breakers are 100% output rated hydraulic magnetic. These breakers are 100% duty cycle rated at their specified current rating.

3. All internal wiring is 125 deg C rated.

4. All products are finished with a durable epoxy powder coating or anodized aluminum.

5. Power indicator on both the inputs and outputs.

6. Cam lok covers on the phase outputs.


All equipment is built in a rugged, Epoxy-coated enclosure for long life and durability. Our packaging is the best.

Top-of-the- line Airpax fully magnetic branch breakers are rated for 100% load 100% of the time at any temperature. Thermal breakers are rated at 80% of full load and are not designed to be used as switches – a very common practice in the entertainment world. Each time a thermal breaker trips or your turn it off, its life is reduced. Simply put, our breakers are superior.

Each product can be supplied with full electrical schematics and physical drawings, as well as an ETL compliance certificate.

Ask our competitors for this . . .

We know exactly how to build for a truck pack.

Even if you are not a gear head, you can see the quality of the product looking at the internal wiring. It is beautifully loomed. Each crimp-on connection is color coded and numbered, with a reference to the schematics.

And that wiring is cross-linked polyethylene cable – not the THHN or hookup cable most people use, which is only rated for 85-95°C. Our cable is rated at 125°C and is simply the best.

Check out the difference. Long term, an investment in QED gear will save you money.